Why is Music in the Church So Important?

Rob Finch
Written by Rob Finch

Do you ever wonder what makes music in the Church so important?  Why do we devote so much time, effort, and invest so much money in the music that is used in our worship services?  I read an interesting quote recently that I think expresses one significant answer to this question.  The author stated “Music is ‘take home theology.’” “We both reflect and shape our theology by what we sing.”  Music in the church is important because it gives a voice to the belief system of the body that is singing.  That is why it is important that the texts that the church sings be Scripturally accurate, and not only accurate, but balanced, reflecting all of the things that are true about God.  We would rightly be concerned if every Sunday our Pastor preached a sermon on one aspect of God’s character.  While that aspect may be true, there are other truths that need to be presented in order to give the listener a complete picture of God.  The same is true of music.  If we only sing songs that speak or teach that God is our friend, we are neglecting to our spiritual harm the truth that God is also holy, that He is a righteous judge, etc., etc.

So what we sing is important because people will be more likely to remember the truth that they have just sung in church longer than what they heard being preached.  We must make sure to sing what is true and what will represent a true picture of our God.